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About Ballet Soul


Ballet Soul’s work is concerned with athleticism and the potential of the human body – exploring the human soul and the body’s capacity for deep physicality. How the body conveys emotion, the extremeness of bodyline articulation and dynamic shifts in energy and flow are all focal points of our work.

Ballet Soul’s influence in style comes from placing Africanist movement values on the classical ballet and traditional dance vocabularies. Contemporary styles are also merged with traditional African storytelling.


Though our work is often formal in its investigation of pure movement, music plays a very big part in our choreography and the use of bodies in the space. We aim to create work that is accessible to a wider audience and are devoted to dance education, particularly with increasing the representation of diverse dancers.


It is this mixing of the rhythms and the soul of the individual dancer that gives Ballet Soul’s choreography its unique voice - one that celebrates the diversity and vibrancy of British and African culture.

Based in South London, Ballet Soul are proud to work alongside many partner organisations including the Royal Academy of Dance and Theatre Peckham. The company has previously run funded projects with support from Arts Council England and Wandsworth Council. 

  • Ballet Soul is committed to introducing children and young people to the joys, satisfaction and discipline of learning dance, through a number of tailored initiatives. Find out more.

  • There are many ways to become involved with Ballet Soul. If you are a dancer, you can attend classes given by Ben Love, or ask to attend one of the frequent auditions. Find out more.

  • You can support Ballet Soul by becoming a Friend or Patron. Find out more.

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