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What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul.

Our mission is to educate, teach, energise and inspire young people, exposing them to the joys and the power of dance.


We are proud to work regularly with our education partner the Royal Academy of Dance to develop and deliver programmes for young people of all ages.


We are passionate about increasing opportunities for dancers from all backgrounds. 

It is not just about challenging the conventions of dance - it is about challenging individuals to develop their potential in dance.

Ballet Soul makes dance accessible to young people and adults through free or affordable dance training. We run a wide range of accessibility and educational programs including:


• Apprentice program for younger dancers with drive, passion and talent

• Young Dance Company

• Open auditions 

• Workshops and Summer Schools

• Open rehearsals and mentoring from Ballet Soul dancers

• In-school workshops based on curriculum needs

• One-to-one training


Please contact if you would like to enquire about our workshops, training and auditions.

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